Orthotic Inserts – Help Those Flat Feet

Give Those Flat Feet A Lift And Ease Your Discomfort – Use Orthotic Inserts

Orthotic inserts are used by millions of people for many different reasons. This article will focus on one particular group in need; those with flat feet.

Let’s have a good look at flat feet or fallen arches as they are also called. This will help us to understand the causes and to consider the best treatment and supportive products.

Two types of flat feet

If you suffer from flat feet you will be classified as either having ‘flexible flat feet’ or ‘rigid flat feet’. Here’s an explanation of both;

Flexible flat feet

This type of fallen arch problem is generally a result of a variety of things. Some of these are birth and genetic defects, weak tendons, aging, obesity, pregnancy and even those who go running on a very regular basis.

If you have flexible flat feet there are quite a number of options in terms of home treatments and remedies available. You do of course have an excellent choice of orthotic insoles which will help when you are on your feet.

It is recommended that you carry out stretching activities, get yourself more active, or on the other hand, actually having a break from the routine you are in can all help.

Non-sporty types

Those of us who are not madly into sports; and running in particular, would probably need just a single visit to your nearest podiatrist. This visit will generally come up with a suitable solution for you dependent upon your lifestyle and activities.

Don’t be too surprised if one of the recommendations is to look at orthotics for flat feet. The reason for this is because they will do you the power of good.

Athletic types

Athletic types

The reason for this should be fairly obvious; you are carrying out intense muscle activity and it is known that strain can make flat feet more problematical. Once you have been to see your foot specialist they will be able to recommend the correct course of action.

One excellent way forward is to buy shoes which are made for flat footed people. The choice for women is particularly wide ranging. You should also take a look at special insoles for your footwear. These are imaginatively known as;